DIY - Beautiful floor standing globe

         I'm so hooked on Link Parties and Pinterest its truly a problem well on my hunting I found a project by Mad In Crafts  ,  called  typographical-globe-with-up-cycled ( her blog is a MUST see) . The Project amazed me so I went on a hunt for a globe and spotted the perfect globe at goodwill for only $3.99 I couldn't find a floor lamp that I liked but I did see a great table lamp that I knew would be perfect! so yesterday I got to work and started my project  my camera batteries died so I don't have any pictures during my project but Mad In Crafts has a step by step Here. 

                                         The supplies I used :
table lamp 
bottom of a flower pot to add height 

And After Paint !

Here are some pictures

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  1. This looks great. I like the idea of using the bottom of a pot. Now I wish I hadn't throw away our globe when the base broke.

  2. Thanks Dorothy , I understand about regret of throwing things out , my mom had given us this same globe but i said no thanks and gave it away I was so glad when I seen this one for such a great price. Thank you for commenting :)


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